Bynet is in our hands: Internet Governance Forum starts a call for topics

The third national Internet Governance Forum will be held on October 3 in Minsk. The Forum’s agenda is under consideration and everyone interested can take part in this process. The call for ideas and suggestions for further discussions is open on the event’s site.

Internet Governance Forums has been held from 2006 in different countries under the aegis of UNO. The ambassador of IGF in Belarus is company – cloud services provider and technical administrator of national ccTLDs.

Belarus IGF-2018 doesn’t aim at answering all existing questions. First of all, Forum is a platform for the open dialogue about Bynet development, where one can share its opinion and hear else’s. The key topics from the recognized experts and burning issues that excite users will be discussed there. This autumn Belarus IGF will gather representatives of government, business, nonprofit organizations, academia, media, students community and everyone who uses internet.

“I call upon colleagues from both the business and non-profit sector and from the government not to look down on each other Unfortunately, or fortunately, we are all in the same boat”, – that was the position of CEO Sergey Povalishev during the previous Belarus Internet Governance Forum.

Everyone interested in the future of Bynet can think of the route we are heading for. According to the organizers’ plan, not only an international experience, but ideas collected via Forum’s site can influence on the development of internet in Belarus.The previous Forum confirmed the urgency of issues discussed in Minsk and gathered more than 400 participants from 11 countries from Armenia to Canada.