Topics of the IGF workshops are determined

Another meeting of the working team of the IGF organizing committee was held in Minsk on February 9, 2017. The main directions of the Forum work and possible formats of discussions of the relevant internet development topics were determined. Participants of the working team announced the candidatures of speakers and moderators, informational partners, formed draft of the event’s agenda, determined topics of the workshops, distributed the nearest tasks on the Forum’s preparation.

“I am glad, that during the talks members of the working team formed common vision of the event, – CEO Sergey Povalishev shared his impressions about the meeting. – During about 3 months the feedback form has been active on the site, where any visitor could leave his wishes about Forum’s holding, suggest a speaker or a topic. All the collected data were discussed on the meeting and taken into consideration during agenda forming.”

The significant part of the event will be taken by the plenary session “Internet of Things”, where the main aspects of security, privacy and legislation will be considered. Such burning topics as e-governance, protection of personal data, security in the internet and creation of infrastructure of open data are determined for the workshops in the second part of IGF day.